Worth Fighting For Virtual 5k

⭐ Build a house with your feet 

Sign up: https://worthfightingforvirtual5k.eventbrite.com

Wait…WHAAAT??? Hear me out for a second…
What if we could built at least ONE house with our FEET…by pounding the pavement?

Let me start over…5k Worth Fighting For - Sommer Tucker

If we dig down deep enough we all have something we are willing to fight for, something that pushes us to move outside our comfort zone, something that pulls us out of bed, something that causes us to lace up those shoes and start running in effort to drive change…whether it be in our own life or around us.

Sometimes what we are fighting for changes and this winter something CHANGED for me. I will never forget pulling into a dump in Nicaragua and seeing kids Ollie’s age (3) standing in the trash looking for food. I will never forget staring in the the eyes of a mom my age and listening to her story about having to decide which child ate that day. I will never forget the whisper I heard in my heart that said, “where have you been?”

Worth Fighting For - Sommer TuckerTalk about an ugly cry. But it was the day my eyes were opened. I knew I had to do something and I knew it was worth fighting for. So, I rallied my troops and the virtual 5K was thrown out there (thank you Chris and Dani Webb). Now know this…I am NOT a runner! But remember how I said this is something I am willing to fight for. So if that takes lacing up my shoes and pounding the pavement then I am all in.

I am not sure what you are willing to fight for but I ask you to dig deep today and fight next to us. One step at a time, one drop of sweat at a time, one finish line at a time we vow to change that community in Nicaragua one FAMILY at at a time.

100% of the profits from this race will go to building a houses complete with a bathroom, stove and chicken coop so they no longer have to dig in the dump or decide what child eats.
so we only need 100 participants to build ONE house! Can you help me do that? Even if you don’t like to run or walk maybe you could share this post and help me find people that do? You have no idea how much that would me to me…and the sweet families I wrapped my arms around a few months ago

Stay tuned as we will be voting on shirt colors and releasing sign up options:)

✔When: June 10-12
✔Where: Anywhere
✔Cost: $35 (includes a shirt if you complete the 5K)
✔How: we will be moving to a private FB group as everyone starts to get registered. It will be fun to cheer each other on leading up to the day:)

Sign up: https://worthfightingforvirtual5k.eventbrite.com
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