A US Army Green Beret & A US Marine Prowler Pilot…combining forces?

A US Army Green Beret and his family… A US Marine Prowler Pilot and his family…combing forces?

What is this?!?

For those of you with a military background, you know what an unlikely pairing this is… A Green Beret is ‘boots on the ground’, in the villages, sitting next to tribal leaders, kicking in doors… A Prowler Pilot is at 27k, sipping on a cup of coffee, eating his sandwich, auto-pilot engaged, while the jammers pound away on the enemies radios.. Our world’s were different to say the least. But! We do have one big thing in common, well, a few, but one big thing… A love for this country and a desire to change it.

12342823_1134973143187901_841505467039485522_nSommer and I are so excited that Team Tucker and Team Mann are ‘Manning-Up’ and joining forces. Sommer and I have been honored to be coached by this true American. David Scott Mann is a leader, he’s a warrior, a mentor and a patriot.

We jumped on an impromptu call to discuss upcoming events that we want to team-up on… One of them being this years team training at the Beachbody national event called Summit, in Nashville. In true Scott fashion and in his typical southern draw…”Well, why don’t I just jump on one of your team calls?”.. Well, okay. Next week sound good?!?:)… Sure

He will bring leadership to a whole new level for Team Courage. I can’t wait to see it happen!

A big thing that brought us together was his foundation, Mission America, which has many facets and goals…all very lofty but attainable…but the one that most directly hits home is the primary mission of Mission America…to reconnect vets with civilian life in order to build a strong country.

When I started to transition out of the military I had lost my purpose. For so many years, you are given a mission, a goal, a purpose, and expected to achieve it. When that purpose, that identity, is either taken a way or not clearly defined anymore, then vets, this one included, can flounder. This can have disastrous results…in fact, studies have shown that one of the top reasons vets commit suicide is due to a failure to transform their purpose into civilian life… It may sound crazy but after years and years it is a challenging thing to do.

Sommer and I walked that journey together…we recovered together and I learned to re-define my “purpose” it something much bigger than a myself or my title… but it took time and it took support. Many vets out there are not nearly as fortunate as I was to have such an amazing person like Sommer by their side… I am so grateful for her.

Scott’s ‘Rooftop’ Leadership, finding your ‘torch’ and bottom-up leadership fireside chats, have only strengthened this new purpose and resolve… His leader will change this country and strengthen our already amazing team culture. Combined with Sommer’s servant heart and leadership, the sky is literally the limit for Team Courage.

I can’t wait to share this journey.

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