Balance in business, life and leadership Speaking and Training Presentations
by Sommer and Chad Tucker


Are you looking to show your team just how they can not only grow their business but do so in a way that aligns with their core priorities? Allowing them to build the business and life of their dreams – without sacrificing the things that matter most in order to do it?

Sommer and Chad Tucker are an energetic couple who inspires audiences to achieve the dreams they have deep within. Their journey from a military family of three, in over $100k of debt, to a seven figure income in network marketing –  in less than five years –  impacts lives worldwide.

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Sommer and Chad Tucker Can Help You and Your Audience to:

  • Ignite the fire within to achieve their dreams
  • Find balance in running your business and honoring your family
  • Erase the fears and doubts that have been a roadblock on the journey to success
  • Elevate their leadership in life and business
  • Prioritize their day in a way that makes them feel accomplished each night
  • Create a seven figure business, based on heart, passion and belief
  • Break free from the noise in life and focus on what matters most


Sommer and Chad’s  Most Requested Speaking and Training Topics

The Power of Partners
Your marriage is a partnership and like any partnership, it needs to be nurtured through communication and support. And for Sommer and Chad, they found themselves struggling with that. After numerous deployments and life changes they felt more like strangers in their marriage than partners – until the switch clicked that changed their entire future.

Together, they have worked to develop a bond that goes well beyond their wildest dreams as implemented simple to follow steps for a healthy marriage. With their guidance, you will learn exactly how to do the same in your life as you begin to reconnect, reignite and solidify your marriage in a way that brings success in all areas of your life!

Living a Balanced Life
In just five years, Sommer and Chad have created a seven figure business that is impacting thousands of lives all while raising three children, making four moves across the country and  military deployments. However, unlike many business owners, they have done so in a way that focuses on balance.

Discover how you can live out a life of your worn design – without compromising your values, family or health along the way!

Freedom in Faith
From spiritually broken and confused to finding personal freedom through faith, Sommer and Chad share their journey with audiences in a way that gives hope and clarity to those looking to reconnect with something bigger than themselves.

By providing a safe environment for open discussion and reflection, they have helped others to find their way back to faith in a way that fulfills that individual’s heart and purpose at the same time.

Mindset for Success
Sommer and Chad have proven that having mindset for success pays off! Because of this, they are passionate about showing others how the power of their mind and belief system can make the difference in their journey – and how to activate it.

Be prepared to walk away with a feeling of abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life as you tap into the power that is right inside of you!

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Video and Audio Samples from Previous Events/Calls

Sommer and Chad are committed to making a difference in the lives of others through sharing their story as well as their tips for a lifestyle of success. They have continuously captivated and inspired audiences by not only showing them what’s possible but by also how to take action on their vision.


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To bring Sommer and Chad to your next event, contact them directly HERE!

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