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Have you ever day dreamed about what your perfect day would look like?

SRH_1686Maybe it’s a day that is completely of your own design, surrounded by those you love.  A day that allows you to remove the stress from your shoulders and step into the life you always believed was possible. Or a day that gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment in both you and your family’s life. Heck, maybe it’s a mix of all of it.

Five years ago, I made one decision that forever changed our lives in a way that I am thankful for every single day.

I became a Beachbody coach.

How it all began

The funny thing about it is… when I first became a coach it was really just something to focus on that was positive while Chad was deployed. It was something to call my own. And when I first said yes, I had every fear and obstacle stacked against me you could think of.

I really wasn’t comfortable in my skin…even thought I taught classes and ran half marathons so I felt like a fraud. We were over 100K in debt with school loans, credit cards and cars. I didn’t feel like a strong military wife because I was falling apart on the inside. Between deployments and military obligations, I felt like a single parent. In moving to five different states within four years, I found myself with no network or support system and found myself at a point where I was just going through the motions.  To read our full story… CLICK HERE.

Five years later I am a completely different person.

In the mom and dad cracks of life we built a business that enabled us to grow a team of over 20,000 coaches, pay off almost 200K of debt, reach a seven figure income, purchase 2 real estate properties with cash creating an instant 2nd income, found our faith, restored a stressed marriage, created a fitness family and support system all over the world and…

My biggest dream of all… Chad was able  to walk away after 10 years of service as a Marine to be more present with our family.

Want to learn more?

Once a month, I host a FREE 5 Day *Sneak Peek into Coaching* group for those who are curious what I really do as a coach, what you would do daily, how we reach out to people in a genuine way to build a business you are proud of when you lay your head down at night, what our team trainings consist of, how you really make an income. This group is a safe place to really ask questions or just sit back and observe. You WILL get real answers. I am incredibly passionate about working with people that are ready to learn and grow so I want to be completely honest through out the process.
Believe me when I say you don’t need a six pack or have it all figured out in your own journey… Lord knows I didn’t. All I am looking for is people that WANT to partner with me… that are positive, love a team environment, have a heart for serving people and are willing to follow my feet. I will walk shoulder to shoulder with you…and we will create your vision together! Simply CLICK HERE to gain access to my FREE Sneak Peek Group!

I started just like anyone else.

A little passion, some drive and a vision to change my life and dream bigger dreams than I ever had before!

What Team Courage Coaches are Saying

Megan Ewoldsen, Coach

Being a coach has been the absolute most rewarding experience! I feel valued and loved by those I help achieve their health, fitness and business goals! I have a way to help my daughters and future children define fitness and nutrition in a healthy and proper way! This opportunity has given me financial freedom, a positive outlook, support a sense of independence and confidence that I never had before. Truly grateful.

Since I became a coach with this team... I have worked out consistently for the first time in my life!

Catherine Stickrod

Since becoming a coach on this team I have started dreaming again. And making progress and already crossing things off my dream board like refinishing our basement into a gym. And inspiring others to dream. My sister finally started writing the book she always wanted to write!

I've become the healthiest and happiest I've been in my life!

Erin Thomas Schaefer

Since I became a coach with this team I finally have a sense of belonging, why I am "here", knowing that I can have my happily ever after.

...I found my identity.

Cheri Beasley

Since I became a coach with this team...I believe in myself again and I know God put me on earth for a bigger reason than I ever dreamed possible!

Jamie Boyer

We have been able to pay off $60K in debt and not have to stress if we have to make a quick trip home!

Chris Webb

I became a finder of things! Faith, freedom, relationships, leadership, the passion to help others succeed!!!

Mary Beth Bruggeman

I've been able to afford to put my youngest in preschool, sign them up for any activities they want to do and now I'm able to pay our brand new au pair's weekly stipend. Definitely changing my life!

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