Worth Fighting For Virtual 5k

⭐ Build a house with your feet ⭐ Sign up: https://worthfightingforvirtual5k.eventbrite.com Wait…WHAAAT??? Hear me out for a second… What if we could built at least ONE house with our FEET…by pounding the pavement? Let me start over… If we dig down deep enough we all have something we are willing to fight for, something that pushes us […]

You Can Build A Business Around HELPING People!

You can build a business around helping people - Sommer Tucker Fitness

Chad and I get really real in this video. I’m telling you the absolute turning point when my business all came snapping together for me. That’s right – I used to have self doubts. Should I be doing this? Was it fair for me to earn a living with my online fitness business? Here’s a […]

The Secret to Six Figure Success

You know when you I first started this business I had lots of people tell me it was a scam or that what I was doing wasn’t something they could jump on board with. It’s always a bit of a risk starting something new and I think in the beginning stages, whether it’s a personal […]

Reach out to the Boston Community

Community is something you can’t buy, bribe or borrow. It’s the authentic people that surround us when it’s most needed. I can honestly say the community of people that supports my family and me are gold. So, when I heard about the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday afternoon, I couldn’t sit back and not at least […]

Dream Big & Ask for Support!

When you’re working towards goals, whether personal or professional in nature, having a support system is so important in the process. However, sometimes it’s hard to ask for help. Help can mean accountability, encouragement, or even an extra team member to help you achieve success by taking things off your plate. Running a business while […]

Who Can Be a Beachbody Coach

As I have been sharing my Tony Horton experience I have been overwhelmed with the realization that a huge amount of confusion revolves around the word “coach”.  Since I am a personal trainer, people automatically assume you must have a certification or a fitness background.  That couldn’t be further from the truth and that is […]