Worth Fighting For Virtual 5k

⭐ Build a house with your feet ⭐ Sign up: https://worthfightingforvirtual5k.eventbrite.com Wait…WHAAAT??? Hear me out for a second… What if we could built at least ONE house with our FEET…by pounding the pavement? Let me start over… If we dig down deep enough we all have something we are willing to fight for, something that pushes us […]

What YOU Need To Know About Personal Development

What YOU Need To Know About Personal Development - Sommer Tucker Fitness Personal Development Specialist

What makes personal development such a huge component of everything in your life? Since I’m cooking dinner while I film this video, I might even use the catchy phrase, “You are what you eat,” because this is soul food I’m dishing out. The minute I heard the concept I’m going to drive home for you […]

Are the right kind of people in your corner?

There’s always strength in numbers. I’ve always loved this saying – there really is strength in numbers. Especially when it comes to supportive and positive people  – the more you have of anything, the stronger you or that thing becomes. I recently attended a coaching trip in Cancun and wow! I truly saw the results […]

You Become What You Believe

Attitude Overhaul

So, I might have an addiction to shirts with quotes along headbands and colorful shoes! It’s true, I LOVE shoes. This one was a gift from my amazing friends and coach and touches on a topic I speak on all the time…what you believe is the foundation to everything bc your beliefs determine your actions […]

Dream Big & Ask for Support!

When you’re working towards goals, whether personal or professional in nature, having a support system is so important in the process. However, sometimes it’s hard to ask for help. Help can mean accountability, encouragement, or even an extra team member to help you achieve success by taking things off your plate. Running a business while […]

My Why: A 12 Star Combined Diamond Elite Coach

Tucker Family

  Wow…that title was a mouthful of yuck to type out. I feel like it was flying a banner of “Hey, look at me, I’m a 10 star diamond elite coach.” I know that doesn’t mean a lot to most people reading, unless you’re an insider in the business. My team had to convince me to […]