Are You A Prisoner In Your Own Body?

Are you a prisoner in your own body? - Sommer Tucker Fitness

  Do you ever feel like a prisoner in your own body? It’s a weird question, but hear me out. This weekend I was shocked when I put on these snow pants – I bought them just a year ago for the crazy weather we had in Virginia. I was shocked to see how loosely […]

Worth Fighting For Virtual 5k

⭐ Build a house with your feet ⭐ Sign up: Wait…WHAAAT??? Hear me out for a second… What if we could built at least ONE house with our FEET…by pounding the pavement? Let me start over… If we dig down deep enough we all have something we are willing to fight for, something that pushes us […]

What YOU Need To Know About Personal Development

What YOU Need To Know About Personal Development - Sommer Tucker Fitness Personal Development Specialist

What makes personal development such a huge component of everything in your life? Since I’m cooking dinner while I film this video, I might even use the catchy phrase, “You are what you eat,” because this is soul food I’m dishing out. The minute I heard the concept I’m going to drive home for you […]

Stop Fighting With Your Scale

Stop Fighting with your scale - Sommer Tucker Fitness

Your scale isn’t what matters when it comes to forming the foundation of your fitness goals. There. I said it out loud. Because if you’re like me, I know you’ve struggled with that number…and maybe even let it effect your relationships with the people you love all based on…get ready for it….how you felt about […]

The Secret To Burning More Calories!

The secret to burning more calories - Sommer Tucker Fitness

Psst…the secret to burning more calories and seeing huge body toning results is right here in this video. I’m going to tell you – post my own weight lifting workout – how to ignite your metabolism. Why does this message really matter? When we super charge our insides, we pave the way to do just […]

You Can Build A Business Around HELPING People!

You can build a business around helping people - Sommer Tucker Fitness

Chad and I get really real in this video. I’m telling you the absolute turning point when my business all came snapping together for me. That’s right – I used to have self doubts. Should I be doing this? Was it fair for me to earn a living with my online fitness business? Here’s a […]

Protect Your Sprouts

Protect Your Sprouts - Sommer Tucker

Where is the love? In the busy hustle and bustle of our everyday lives it’s way too easy to get caught up in feeling like you’re being dragged down. How do you combat those life-sucking routines? In this video, you’ll hear a super-easy tip I call feeding your sprouts to keep you focused on what’s […]

The Power of Sugar and Your Mind

The power of sugar and your mind!

Over the last few months, you probably missed a couple of your workouts – and ate just a few too many cookies – but it’s not too late to stop your Holiday splurges from taking over your life. Chad joins me to explain the science behind the concept. We never said this would be easy, […]

When Life Gives You Lemons… Get a RV?!

It seemed like an overnight decision as we went from sitting at the table at Chad’s mom’s to purchasing an RV (called Minnie Winnie… haha!) to take the family on an adventure of a lifetime. And to be honest, it actually was that quick. A split decision that we just felt was right. The biggest […]