Our story

“Anything worth having is worth fighting for”


Right now, there is something in your life that’s worth fighting for. It’s something that has been placed in your heart for a reason and when you think about it, it lights you up in a way you never knew was possible. When you close your eyes, you can envision it in so much detail that it’s almost as if it’s right in front of you. You can feel the energy and the passion from it every time it comes into your mind and you know it’s what you deserve.

Our mission is to make that vision come to life for you.

Why? Because we have seen first hand what is possible when you find something worth fighting for – and go for it!

SRH_2338How It All Started…

Sommer here! You will find that I do most of the talking in this duo;)

I am married to my high school sweetheart (see the handsome guy in the photo above? That’s him!) and am still head over heals in love with him after 15 years. We have our sweet boy named Griffin, a passionate and firey little girl named Riley and little Oliver, our youngest who loves to keep us on our toes!

Being an athlete my entire life, I still struggled with feeling comfortable in my skin because my diet was JUNK. In the name of convenience I grew up on boxed dinners, processed foods, fast food, chips, soda and king dongs. I paid for it by really never feeling happy with how I looked. I was just a little thicker or “big boned.”

As I got older I refused to believe it so I worked out harder and longer with very little relief. I would get so frustrated and because of that, I decide to study exercise and become a personal trainer so I could FIX myself. I started to learn very fast how important nutrition was but still struggled to change habits that I had developed over my life. I kept trying but nothing ever really CLICKED for me.

That’s when one of the hardest moments of our lives happened. Chad left for deployment, as a Marine, and I went from hoping to make a change to feeling completely lost. Watching our son Griffin salute his dad for what I prayed wasn’t the last time. Driving a sobbing little boy home who was trying so hard to be brave when inside, we both felt like we just lost a piece of ourselves.

And then it hit me. A quote I had seen a million times before hit me life a ton of bricks on my wall…. “If you want something different, you have to do something different.”

That one moment completely changed our lives.

I decided to start with my health and poured myself into an online accountability group and engaged every single day. I used it as my release from everything going on and a way to really feel what being ME really meant. I felt comfortable in my skin for the FIRST time in my life. That online accountability set up the foundation for me to enjoy the benefits of that for the rest of my life.

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I became a better mom, wife, daughter, friend…everything. How I feel in my skin impacts EVERYTHING! It was the BEST thing I ever did for myself and my family.


Becoming a Coach..

The funny thing about it is… when I first became a coach it was really just something to focus on something that was positive while Chad was deployed. It was something to call my own.

We were over $100K in debt with school loans, credit cards and cars. I didn’t feel like a strong military wife because I was falling apart on the inside. Between deployments and military obligations, I felt like a single parent. In moving to five different states within four years, I found myself with no network or support system and found myself at a point where I was just going through the motions. 

Five years later I am a completely different person.

In the mom and dad cracks of life we built a business that enabled us to grow a team of over 20,000 coaches, pay off almost 200K of debt, reach a seven figure income, purchase 2 real estate properties with cash creating an instant 2nd income, found our faith, restored a stressed marriage, created a fitness family and support system all over the world and…

My biggest dream of all… Chad was able  to walk away after 10 years of service as a Marine to be more present with our family.

Together we now help others to not only reach their health goals but become fit in all areas of their lives along the way. Relationships, marriage, faith, confidence… you name it. We truly believe that true change comes from the inside first and remain committed to helping others not only define what’s worth fighting for in their lives but walk alongside them every step of the way to bring their dream come to life!

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